Gift Vouchers

An Artful Gift of Expression

So often we are able to identify the artistic talents of our friends and loved ones where they themselves don’t recognise that something special they convey through their casual attention to detail. Express your appreciation of someone’s talent by setting them on the path to creativity with a gift voucher from Heidi.

Creativity Gift Vouchers

art classes

Unlock the artist in a friend or family member by giving a gift voucher for an art lesson, a creative craft lesson,  life drawing workshop, figure sculpting workshop or 4-day portrait course.  Such a gift voucher is a special way of giving access to a creative world they may not have otherwise entered.

Contact Heidi to arrange a tailor-made art gift voucher … inspire those with artistic skills to enter a world of expression and creativity.

The perfect gift which opens new doors of opportunity and nurtures the artistic talents and creative skills of aspiring artists .

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