4 Day Portrait Course in Midrand

Bronwen in Red - A Portrait by Heidi BeyersWould you like to be able to paint a beautiful portrait of a family member or a friend? Join Heidi’s 4-Day Portrait Course in Midrand. You will learn how to use a specific method and will watch your painting come together bit by bit –the result? A truly realistic rendering of both model and fabric! CLICK HERE for dates and times.

4-Day Portrait Course in Midrand

You will also be taught how to mix true-to-life flesh tones, using only 4 basic colours plus white.  This simplified method enables you to paint skin tones accurately from the start – no guesswork needed!!

Have you ever painted a portrait which just does not end up looking like the person you are trying to paint? Learn how to use a corrective method to fix up the portrait and achieve an exact likeness.

This four day course is essentially a portrait course, however you are welcome to paint anything else instead (landscape, seascape, still life etc) or you could do a beginner’s course if you have not done art before.

For further info and bookings – please contact Heidi online or

Tel: 073 250 1040

Heidi’s 4 Day Portrait and Art courses are a must for those aspiring artists who wish to learn and hone their creative skills. The 4 Day Portrait Courses brings together like-minded people with a desire to express their creative side.


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